Lisa’s Army UK

When I was diagnosed with cancer at just 32 years old, life became some overwhelming.  What do you do now?  Where do you turn?  Its rushed, crazy and a complete life turnaround.  But suddenly there comes a point of change; a glimpse of yourself and a look into the future to see what it is you want.

There are so many great charities out there that help hugely with living with cancer.  As amazing as all these charities are though, I felt like there was something missing.

Lisa’s Army UK is here to provide a fresh look, to put a smile on a face for a day, or to help deal with those extra tough scenarios.

Lisa’s Army UK are here to help people feel good again, after cancer has destroyed their self-confidence.  We want to be able to provide a day of laughter and smiles for all to remember.

Lisa’s Army UK want to help people leave the memories for people that they really need by providing days out, weekends away, cameras, lessons to record videos, help to buy memory boxes and presents so no stone is left unturned.

We want to help people smile again

Love Lisa x


Registered Charity No: 1188909